Investment Process

The investment process is a risk management tool that plays a crucial role in your overall financial plan. The foundation of this process is based on the principles of asset allocation and diversification and applies to both individual and institutional investment portfolios. Asset allocation is the process of deciding how to distribute wealth among different asset classes for investment purposes. Utilizing asset allocation principles, we assist you in carefully constructing an investment policy statement that outlines the types of asset included in your portfolio. The investment portfolio is then designed to reflect your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and overall financial plan.


Once your asset allocation plan has been developed, we take diversification a step further. Not only do we diversify your investment portfolio across asset classes, we also have the ability to diversify among investment styles using multiple sub-advisors.

For example, to represent a sample of the universe of manager styles, the domestic equity market could be divided into four mutually exclusive investment styles. By combining the expertise of style specific managers from these four domestic equity styles, we attempt to reduce the volatility inherent in any one style while maximizing the return potential.