Blue Chip Growth

Equity securities of established companies and market leaders that have demonstrated long term growth characteristics. These companies usually possess powerful brand names or business franchises, as well as a strong management team. We identify those companies that, in our opinion, combine increasing business metrics with an attractive valuation, offering the potential for substantial capital appreciation.

Blue Chip Value

Equity securities of companies that we believe are trading at prices less than their intrinsic value or less than their private market value. These may include companies involved in turnaround, consolidation, or restructuring. These companies may be trading at low multiples of earnings, revenues, cash flow or book value. They may have undervalued assets or brands. Changes in management, industry or product can act as catalysts to unlock shareholder value.

Leading Medium Size Companies

Quality medium size companies with revenues generally between $100-million and $1-billion. We focus on companies that are showing accelerating growth patterns, improving fundamentals, compelling valuations, or other factors that may lead to significant capital appreciation.

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  • Preferred Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Options

Mutual Funds

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At Commerce One Financial we take pride in our ability to help investors choose mutual funds from among the over 8,000 funds available. We provide objective value-added research in the selection process. We consider many factors, including the following:

Fund Portfolios

  • Balancing funds by asset class 
  • Employing both growth and value styles 
  • Diversifying among fund families

Your Commerce One professional can assist you in the following: Retirement plans 401k Planning College Planning At Commerce One we will help devise your financial strategy, help you evaluate options and provide guidance in building your portfolio.

Mutual Fund Families

Products & Services

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Money market funds

  • SEP
  • Roth
  • Simple IRA
  • Traditional
  • Common

Individual Funds

  • Performance relative to relevant indices 
  • Performance relative to peer group 
  • Review of underlying positions for each fund
  • The history and philosophy of the organization 
  • Depth and breadth of the management team
  • Areas of strength and expertise